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My wife niceyoungteens and I decided to have friends to a meal and a drink. Andy and Ali had been known for years. We had a good meal, served with 3 or 4 bottles of wine. The girls began to get drunk. We adjourned to the lounge where I got some nice background music that allows us to not even talk. Ali and Babs began vodka and Coca -Cola and after an hour or so, Ali was sleeping in the chair. Babs suggested that he should spend the night because it was Saturday the next day to go without work for each one of us. Andy agreed and continued drinking with Babs increasingly niceyoungteens drunk at the time. Babs asked him to dance when one of our most popular numbers Smoochie niceyoungteens wine. We almost immediately began to kiss, and I stroked her back, her hands moved down over her butt. Andy was all in, I sat on Babs turned and danced behind her, my hands moving on her boobs 34D beautiful. He had gone to the music with closed eyes. He unbuckledBlouse and slipped my hand into her bra to realize her tits. She caressed her until she began to breathe deeply, knowing that she enjoyed the experience and blind to everything, especially Andy, who sat with his mouth open, wanting to do something. which again turned around and closed to dance with her. Then we stopped, he suggested it was time to sleep, but could leave and enter the clothes, and descended from a last drink. We went up niceyoungteens and showed me Andy 's room, where the mantle and Babs went in our bedroom. By the time I got in she was completely naked. She approached me and began to undress. When they took my clothes all over the body licked, finally, my cock in her mouth. After a few seconds, I reminded niceyoungteens him we had guests and we back down. Andy was sitting on the sofa, when we returned to the living room. Babs joined him on the couch to sit near him in satin mini-dress. If I couldexcited state previously seen, and I noticed his tail off to deal with the situation. I poured drinks and served drinks and sat next to Babs. I put my arm around her and pulled her toward him, opened her robe and Andy's got an eyeful of her right tit. Excuses Babs and niceyoungteens closed the gown. Andy said it was a beautiful view, do not worry. Again Babs asked me to dance. Once again, they kissed passionately in seconds. Once again I turned to her and began caressing her breasts through the opening of the robe, but this time I went a little further and drop my hand, the departure of the dress, I let my fingers niceyoungteens beautiful pussy petting, enter fingers first and niceyoungteens then two. She started to turn, niceyoungteens and everything in front of Andy, who obviously could not believe my eyes. In an idea and turned back again Babs and finished the dance, but this time she had an excuse I needed to go to the bathroom and to go dancing with Andy. Andy stood up and immediately took Babshis arms and said she was in good hands. I left the room. The classroom door has glass panels, so he decided to float in front of the door. Babs enjoyed the dance and so was Andy. He drew his hands behind his back and had to stop on its soil, stroked it and moved it under the fabric of her dress. I could not believe what happened. Babs began to move against Andy and began to kiss. Moments later, Andy turned and Babs had his hands in her dress caressing her breasts. Suddenly the dressing-gown belt undone and the garment fell apart. His right hand moved down and started rubbing her pussy. She was moaning in advance. She took off her dress and bent over the chair, took off his robe and slid his cock inside her. There was a feeling of anger and joy, as I observed to grind together. Then in a few minutes all was over. I returned to the room, as Babs still lay in the chair. He took the opportunity, I took off my robe and enter it. It was an incredible feeling. When we finished we went to bed, so Ali is sleeping down and Babs, Andy and I had a fantastic night of passion.
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